Howdy! I’m an expatriate musician who was born in Mississippi, but came of age in Memphis, Tennessee. I now live in Minnesota and teach at a small private music college in the Twin Cities. I find that being away from the region for decades has helped clarify my perspective on the history of the music scene— more so than when I was growing up there. I hope you enjoy my little tribute to Memphis music. Bless your little heart.

Bald Pomegranate Nixon

P.S.-  The formula for your blues name is to combine an affliction with a fruit and the last name of a president.

  1. Bruce Harpel says:

    I guess that would make me Mute Persimmon Garfield…. 😉

  2. Well done//The author has done his homework…

  3. Hi,

    Thank you for placing my website.

    John Klompenhouwer

    • Diane S. Lewis says:

      Lewie Steinberg, was the not only a STAX musician but most notably, 1st bassist and cowriter on the great hit, “GREEN ONIONS” with Booker T and the MGs. He was a member of the group and played on 2 albums worth of music (including “Soul Dressing” in the movie “Swingblade”), before Duck Dunn was brought into the group by Steve Cropper.

      It is now a footnote of record that Lewie Steinberg also played bass on the Markeys hit “Last Night” because Duck was not able to make that session the day of the recording.

      As a prior member of the MGs and performer on their most successful recordings, Lewie shared the honors and acknowledgement in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and was also presented along with the group, at the Grammy Awards for the Lifetime Achievement Award in 2008.
      And he was inducted into the Memphis Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

      Lewie and the Steinberg Family are recognized by the W. C. Handy Foundation as “Authentic Beale Street Musicians” and received the Brass Note on Beale Street several years ago.

      QUESTION: Why is he not included in this list of Musicians? And HOW can we correct this to add him and his picture to the list! You can certainly find the promo shot when he was in the group at the STAX museum! Why not here?

      Diane S Lewis

      • Thanks for commenting, Diane. Not unlike my response to Luther down in the comments to the WDIA post, my respect for the whole Steinberg family and their contributions to the Memphis scene is immense. The brass note on Beale Street for your family — Milton, Nan, Luther, Wilbur, Lewie, Martha Jean, yourself (and probably a few more Steinbergs we don’t know about yet!) — is well deserved. If you scroll down my website, looking at the photos on the left side of the page, you’ll find a great photo of Lewie and if you click on it, it takes you to a linked page about him. I’m slowing down a bit in my posts because of my other duties, but my site is climbing chronologically from W.C. Handy onward through a timeline of Memphis music. Not only is it daunting to try to tell the story of Stax in a blog post, it’s insane to try to cover the totality of the history of the Memphis scene on a website, but nobody else was doing it, so it’s my labor of love and due respect for where I grew up. After I finish the Stax post I’ve been working on for so long, I’ll try to hit a few other subjects before coming back and giving Booker T. and the M.G.’s and Otis Redding posts of their own. You can be assured I will tip my hat to the original bassist for Booker T. — Lewie Steinberg! In the meantime, everyone should read lots of Peter Guralnick, Robert Gordon and Rob Bowman.

  4. dianesteinberglewis says:

    I got to tell you and in all honesty, the job YOU took on was tremendously daunting and truly a labor of love and respect for the legacy of our jewel of a hometown, MEMPHIS. Frankly, I marvel at how beautifully you’ve put this site together. AND I know you can feel me when I say that making sure our family is kept in the mix is important because they were musicians and participants in this pioneering time as contributors, with W. C. Handy, Sun Records, WDIA, STAX, the Memphis jazz scene. You are indeed appreciated beyond measure. If I can help with photos, or anything else, for future postings, I am more than happy to do so. Sincerely, Diane Steinberg. Lewis

  5. Grace says:


    I hope this finds you well. I have very much enjoyed reading through the pages and pages on the music of Memphis on your site. I wondered if you’d be able to help..

    I’ve been trying to contact a musician by the name Benjamin Robinson who made a string of records in Memohis in the early 70’s – the mojority of which was written along side Richard Carl Wilson. They released a 7″ single on the Earthworld Label under the name of ‘Coco & Ben’ with the tracks ‘See The World / Good Feeling’. I’m trying to contact him (as Richard Wilson has sadly passed away) in the hope of finding more info on this record

    If you could shed any light on Benjamin Robinson or if you know or infomation on the record I would be truly greatfully.

    All the best,


    • Grace, thanks for reading my blog. I’m not familiar with Benjamin Robinson or Richard Carl Wilson. Also never knew about the Earthworld Label or ‘Coco & Ben,’ although that was the era I lived in Memphis. Hopefully someone in the know will shine some light on your mystery and get you some useful info. Cheers!

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